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"The Supplies You Need to Bring the Gospel to the World"

Communion Tray with Cups

Easy to Open Pre-filled Communion Cups

Best Sellers

Best sellers




Grape Juice & Bread Cups

*These Communion Cups fit in Communion Trays, Chairs, and Pews

Try our new, quiet, and easy to open cups that fit in Communion trays, chairs, and pews and let us help your church put the focus back on communion, where it's meant to be. Also, no more spills, because all of our cups are easy to open!

Chalice Style Cups 

*Grape Juice & Wine. Chalice style communion cups do not fit in Communion Trays, Chairs, or Pews


Goods for the Gospel is the merchandising arm of Uncomfortable for Christ Ministries. We are the preferred supplier for pre-filled communion cups. Our pre-filled communion cups make serving communion sanitary, convenient, and easy. Our mission is to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all that we do. We are a Christian business that boldly loves God and humbly serves the Christian church and the community.


Uncomfortable For Christ Ministries LLC

DBA: Goods For The Gospel



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