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At Goods For The Gospel, our mission is to connect churches with the supplies they need to bring the Gospel to the world and keep their congregations safe and comfortable during services.


We understand that communion is a special moment in any service.

It should be a peaceful, meaningful experience for all.


That's why we created our Traditional Concord Grape Juice and Bread prefilled communion cups—the perfect solution for your communion needs. 

What We Offer 

Our 1600-Pack Traditional Concord Grape Juice and Bread prefilled communion cups come with individual servings of grape juice and bread in easy-to-open separate layers at the top and bottom of each cup.


Our cups are designed to be easier to open and hold without causing a distraction during your communion service. And because they are unmarked, there is no marketing on the seals or cups.


The Perfect Solution for Your Communion Needs


Hermetically Sealed Product 

Our Concord Grape Juice and Bread pack is hermetically sealed, making it safe and sanitary. You can trust that the juice is untampered with and will be fresh when it reaches your congregants. This also means that the product has a longer shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about replacing or restocking as often. 


Easy to Open & Quiet 

The cups included are designed to be easy to open and silent to eliminate any noisy distractions from the cup during your communion time.


Separated Juice & Bread 

We designed our product with separated juice and bread in each cup—making it easier for congregants to open and hold their cups during service.


Fits into Trays or Pews 

The cups are designed to fit into communion trays or even the backs of pews/seating for easy distribution during services—a must-have feature for large churches! 


Unmarked Cups

Each of our cup seals is blank without any type of marketing or branding on them.

You can be sure that your church can provide your congregation with a peaceful atmosphere during service without any distractions from external sources. 

Get the Best Quality Products for Your Church at Goods For The Gospel

When it comes time to provide communion for your congregation, there are several things you need to consider—quality, convenience, sanitation—and many more important details that must be taken into account to provide a seamless communion service experience.


And we here at Goods For The Gospel understand this better than anyone else, so we have created our Traditional Concord Grape Juice and Bread prefilled cups tailored explicitly for churches who want an easy solution without sacrificing quality or convenience! 


Whether you're hosting a large event or just need something small but dependable for weekly services, choose Goods For The Gospel. 


“The supplies you need to bring the Gospel to the world.”  


Get your supply today!

Concord Grape Juice and Bread- 1600 Pack

SKU: S-1600
  •  These are the Traditional Communion Cups that go really fast! Grab them NOW!

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