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Are you tired of losing the battle with temptation?

Every Christian has or will face temptation. How we respond to temptation can mean the difference between life and death, success or failure, and everything in between.
Automatic will help you discover how to have a winning biblical response to every temptation and explores how to make this response happen as automatically as the beat of your heart.

  • Maybe you struggle with low self-esteem or an urge to gamble, to view pornography, to lie, to smoke, substance abuse, etc.
  • Automatic is the perfect playbook to help coach the Christian who struggles with temptation.
  • It will provide light in dark places to prevent you from stumbling and falling over enticements intentionally created to draw you away from God.
  • Automatic will teach you how to use the Bible as a weapon to defeat the enemy.
  • It will teach you why you must read your Bible every day and will equip you with the simple strategy of writing a code in your brain that will ensure that you never forget to ever read the Bible again.
  • Automatic will expose Satan’s motives, strategies, and schemes while teaching you a way to fight back.

After following the steps laid out for you in this book, you will discover that you are automatically defeating temptation and simultaneously drawing closer to God.


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